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Osteopathy helps you build resilience by treating the person as a whole and not just the symptoms

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there are many ways we can improve your health
Harry the osteopath holding a patients head


Hands-on treatment that aims to get you moving easier

Harry the osteopath placing a needle in a patients shin muscle


Using fine needles to release tension and stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms


Feeling stronger, more mobile, and confident reduces the likelihood of pain recurring

Inhale, exhale sign


Feeling good involves making changes in all aspects of life for the better

scores on the doors

*taken from a General Osteopathic Council survery

of osteopathy patients
0 %

said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their care

of osteopathy patients
0 %

said their experience of osteopathy was good or very good

of osteopathy patients
0 %

said they had full recovery or improvement at six weeks

meet harry

Originally from Derby, Harry has been an osteopath since 2018. His aim is to work with you to achieve your goals, be that getting yourself out of pain or improving your performance in your sports.

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