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Osteopathy is a form of hands on treatment whereby the practitioner assesses the whole body and identifies any restrictions that may be affecting the individual’s health. Treatment is then through mobilisation of the joints and muscles until the body moves better. This is often the starting point towards feeling better and becoming a more resilient person.

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Case History and Assessment

This is your opportunity to tell your story of why you have come to see us. We will ask further questions to get a better understanding of how you’re feeling and to know your general health.

We will then go through a physical assessment looking at how you move, how the muscles and joints feel, and identify areas for treatment.

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We have a selection of techniques aimed at helping you move and feel better. This can be massage, joint mobilisation, adjustments (the clicking technique), or stretching. Most of the time it’s a combination of all of them, but it will be guided by what feels best to you and what we think will be most effective.

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Movement and Advice

During the case history we will identify other areas in your life that could be optimised to help support your body heal. How we feel is not only physical but is influenced by the quality of our sleep, our diet, our relationships, and our goals in life. Working on these aspects of our life can have a dramatic effect on how we feel.

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