resilient healthcare

helping you to recover, improve and thrive in your life



helping you get better after an injury and get back to your life



enabling you to move with more freedom and ease



keeping you at your best and preventing future injuries

what do we treat?


Back pain
Muscle strains, cramps, & spasms
Nerve pain (e.g. Sciatica)
Sporting injuries (e.g. tennis elbow)


Joint pain
Headaches & migraines
Pregnancy-related symptoms


Inability to relax and stress
Post-surgery rehabilitation
Circulatory problems
Digestive problems
… plus lots more!


ready to feel better?

Testimonial Post Slider

Ask about the shockwave therapy! It is amazing. I had damaged my left shoulder really bad it caused 8 months of pain and torment I basically lost these and mobility of my arm. After a few sessions with Harry he told me about the shockwave treatment and that it might be good for me... That was an understatement. After one treatment my pain reduced 50% and my range of movement increased about the same. After the second treatment I had another miraculous recovery. After three sessions I have no pain and I have full range of movement all I have left to do is build muscle back. I cant tell you how greatful I am to Harry and the shockwave therapy.

Karen Miller

Ryan McFeeley

Absolutely fantastic service from Harry. Extremely knowledgeable and knows his craft. Came in with neck and back pain resulting from compression in my ribs and left feeling terrific with some great aftercare stretches and exercises to help. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough!"

Carol Boag

"Cannot recommend Harry at Sage enough. I had been struggling with back pain since lockdown started, working from home. This was causing me pain when I went out walks to the point I was using a back brace for support. After my first session the difference was night and day, a few days later I went a massive walk with my family and experienced no pain at all. I've since been back for my 2nd session and wow such a difference. Cannot praise these guys enough. 5 stars."